In-depth Analysis of Real Madrid Heading Into the New Season.

tEcHN0 Aug 6, 2013

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    Righto, this transfer market has been quite productive for madrid, with some huge new signing headed into the club (Isco,Casemiro,Illarramendi.Carvajal and some other players being promoted from Castilla in Liga 2. Of course, some players have departed the club (Higuain, Albiol and Callejon to Napoli) and Essien returned back to chelsea after his loan expired.

    This is my prediction of what the starting lineup would look like (taking into account transfers and what not). (and if Ancelotti continues with the 4-2-3-1

    Now let me go over that squad in-depth....


    Starting off in Goals we hopefully have the Spanish God himself Iker Casillas. After getting injured, Casillas was replaced by Diego Lopez who didn't perform that badly. But Casillas was still benched even when he had recovered by Mourinho. If Casillas is back to his top form, we can expect a great season by him.

    At LB, we have the Portugese Coentrao. Having made 16 appearances for Madrid last season (compared to Marcelo's 10), and scoring a goal and assisting once, it wouldn't be a bad move for Ancelotti to start him over Marcelo. Although it could be completely the other way around.

    Sergio Ramos starts off the first CB position. Having a solid season, and being a solid defender, Ramos's spot would never be in contention. However, Ramos can be slotted into the RB spot if Pepe and Varane were to take up the two central positions.

    Pairing up with Ramos is Varane. Now I think Varane is a little overhyped atm, he is an upcoming talent, and will hopefully be a world class defender in a few seasons. I think it would be wise for Ancelotti to start Varane so he can continue to improve and develop his skills, as well as gain some more approval from the world.

    RB is the newly signed Carvajal. Now I personally have not seen Carvajal before, but I can see him starting over aging current RB Arbeloa. Hopefully, Carvajal sets out and impresses not only me, but the entire world this season.


    The midfield is where it gets really interesting. With 3 New star midfield signings, and not to mention Modric, it will become key for our current guys to really prove to Ancelotti they deserve to be in the starting 11. A move that could be made to the squad I have above could be Khedira for Modric, as Modric has proved he has what it takes to play in a DM position.

    CDM: Xabi Alonso: Xabi in my opinion is the heart and soul of Madrid. He is a class passer, defensive presence and is a quality interceptor. With 23 appearances and 5 assists last season, I don't think Alonso will hit the bench anytime soon.

    CDM: Khedira is a pure defensive midfielder when it comes down to game day. With 19 appearances, 3 goals and 2 assists, I think he will have to work extremely hard this season to keep his spot.

    CAM: Ozil has really shown his class last season, with a lot of pure class performances. Having picked up 9 goals and 13 assists, I find it hard to see him not starting. This is where it becomes really interesting with how Ancelotti will implement Isco and Illarramendi.

    LCM: Ronaldo lose his spot? I'd win the lotto before Ronaldo would lose his starting spot. Bolstering the team leading 34 goals and 10 assists (why do people call this guy selfish?) Ronaldo will be expected to bring his goal threat and flair to all games.

    RCM: Di Maria picked up 7 goals and 6 assists last season, which are pretty decent stats for a Wing Midfielder if you ask me. With 21 starts, I'd expect Di Maria to have another decent season.

    ST: And now we have the final player. Having Higuain depart Madrid (and also being Madrid's second highest goal scorer) Benzema will have to step up his game immensely. We all know he can perform, but know he needs to show it. I don't think new signing Morata will challenge his spot. Benzema has also shown he is not afraid of sharing the Ball (11 assists), and I hope he can continue his good run from last season.

    Well this took a while to write out, and I'd appreciate some feedback and perhaps some opinions of your own. And as always, Hala Madrid.


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    Real madrid are awesome, supported them since i was a nipper :LOL: cant wait for them to snap up bale, we all know its gonna happen.
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    I don't see him fitting into the forward line at all. I'd be most curious to see how Ancelotti handles the starting 11 if bale were to be signed.

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