Illumiroom style Ambient Lighting Created Using Raspeberry PI

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    Illumiroom was a feature announced by Microsoft before the launch of the Xbox One, it was first announced in April last year.
    The illumiroom has the ability to distort or re-project the rooms textures that surround the TV. This effect could create different effects using radiometric compensation which could take things from inside the game and project them outside the confines of the TV, things such as explosions or lighting which would give the gamer a feeling of being immersed in not only the game, but the games surroundings.

    The illumiroom would work by using a widescreen projector which is used to project the illusions onto the wall surrounding the main focus which of course is the television. This would be costly and is most likely the reason Microsoft seem to have dropped the project.

    Personally I would have loved to have seen illumiroom take off despite the extra cost as it would add an extra dimension to gaming. Fortunately there is a much cheaper and readily available alternative to those of you that want ambient lighting whilst gaming.
    Youtuber EvilBoris has made a series of Tutorials on making an Illumiroom style setup using a Raspberry pi which is not only simple to do but also affordable and gives great effects.

    Uisng a Raspberry pi and some other affordable hardware such as HDMI and composite splitters, HMDI cables and of course LED lighting supplied by , you can achieve some great effects for your games console.

    Check out this demonstration video created by EvilBoris showing the ambilight setup running on a PS4:

    What do you think, is this something you would consider for your games console? If so all parts can be purchased from the site linked below:
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