I feel like I'm being punished for buying a Xbox One.

Charles456k Dec 6, 2013

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    These are some of the reasons that I feel that I should have stuck with my Xbox 360.(Now just so people understand, these are things that will hopefully be fixed by updates and just time, but are annoying in the beginning.):
    • None of my friends have a Xbox One or will be getting one soon.
    • I can't play TellTale games like The Walking Dead: Season 2 or The Wolf Among Us.
    • Multiplayer games like Call of duty only have 20,000 people playing it at a time.(That may sound like a lot of people, but it's not. I go to play anything and there is like 500 people playing it and I can't find any lobbies. For example, I wanted to play Squads last night and there was 74 people playing it, 800 something people playing Extinction, and so on. It's impossible to find an open lobby anymore.)
    • I can't even party chat with my friends on Xbox 360. I have to Skype with them or message them.
    • I can't use my Turtle Beaches to chat with people, I have to use that POS headset or my Kinect.
    • I can't use my flash drive to watch movies or TV shows anymore. I have to use Skydrive and there is a lot of loading times in the middle of the show.
    • Every game that I upgraded to an Xbox One version, I have to get all of the achievements over again.(It's a nice extra boost to my gamer score, but it's boring doing the same thing twice.)
    • Have to click on each individual achievement in the achievement list after you get them to see what you did to get them.
    • Can't view the hard drive to delete items.(Have to go to each individual item in the game store to delete stuff for it.)
    • Can't play any Arcade games that I bought on my 360.(For example, I bought the new WSOP Full House Poker 2 weeks before I got my Xbox One and now I can't play it.)
    List of things that are nice about the Xbox One:
    • Better graphics.
    • Simpler Dashboard.
    • 10x bigger friends list.
    • Smart glass on my ipad is amazing.(Can go to type a message on my Xbox One and then break out the iPad to type the message. I can use my iPad as a controller to my dashboard. Anything that I can do on my dashboard with my controller, I can do with the iPad. Only thing bad about Smart Glass is if my girlfriend gets a hold of the iPad, she can mess with me while I'm playing my Xbox One. For example, I'll be playing Call of Duty and then all of a sudden Netflix, Skype and Internet Explorer all open at once on my Xbox One and I look next to me and my girlfriend is laughing her ass off. Grrrr.)
    That's about all I can thing of right now. If I think of anything else I will update this post, but as you can see, I think I should have stuck with my Xbox 360. Yes the Xbox One is shinier, but be ready for a lot of disappointments as well.
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    You have made some valid points here, but that's the joys of being an early adopter...
    You wait until 6 months time when they release a 2tb version or something...

    Most of the issues will be fixed in updates, and tbh if that's all you have to moan about right now, you actually like the Xbox One!
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    Xbox One
    Deffinently good points but as a owner of the xbox one myself I say this we are only at the beginning of this new generation gaming and as time passes we will have the beast at full service to us gamers and that my friend is the joy of being here for the start

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