I Am Making A Anime Series Called: Fallen Destiny - ちた運命 (New Anime Series)

31IT3INV4SI0N Feb 18, 2014

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    Okay Fallen Destiny is a new anime series me and my friend are making. It will eventually be made into a manga which will follow the anime story. So far we have wrote the first twelve parts. We have a English, Spanish, some Japanese cast, some Chinese cast, some German cast, and one Filipino cast member so far...

    Short Description:

    In a world crushed by humanity's short comings two fallen hero's rain from the heavens in order to fix a broken past which leads to an endless future where there is no light. How will they fair against the heavy hand of time? And who will try to prevent their success?

    Here are some animation test:




    Official Fallen Destiny - 堕ちた運命 Facebook Page:


    Official Fallen Destiny - 堕ちた運命 Twitter:


    Official Fallen Destiny - 堕ちた運命 Website:


    Official Fallen Destiny - 堕ちた運命 Wiki:



    Soul Eater - Soul Eater Evans Lip Sync:


    (NOTE) I know the lips look kind of bad but that's because I was experimenting with the lips and came to some difficulties but I did fix the issue though this morning.. I plan on posting another animation test with Soul..

    Weekly Updates From Brandon #1:

    Okay hello everyone! I know most of you here probably either know me or Robert aka Mello personally or you have seen our page from other pages/groups or somewhere on the internet or you could have just found us by searching the web.

    But anyways lets get started with the updates shall we? So as you know me and Robert have spending a lot of time on this show. We absolutely cant wait! For you to see our vision. As of now we recently finished writing part 7 or in other words episode 7. This week we finished writing part 6 and 7. Now we are moving on and writing part 8 today.

    We wish we can give you more info as of now... But it would cause spoilers and I doubt anyone would like that.. So we have been basically teasing you with short descriptions and poems that actually connect to the show.

    We also got a lot of our cast together! We are not recording anything until we have all the scripts written for this whole first chapter or in words first season.

    I would also like to talk about the animation... In Fallen Destiny we actually want to have really smooth animations.. Where its just like eye candy! So I would like to state our animation will not be blockey it will indeed be very smooth. Also another thing is we will have amazing visuals! That includes backgrounds, animation, 2D & 3D models. The scenery of the whole show will be amazing.

    Okay now let me tell you about how we are doing this. We are basically doing storyboard and writing all the scripts for all the parts in the first chapter. Once we do that we will get all our voice actors and have them do there part. Then after all that we do all the tech work animation, backgrounds, visuals, touch ups on the audio, and all the other work that needs to go into this to make it perfect.

    Now for the music we are already making the instrumentals for background music and opening and ending songs. We got about 10% of background music done. As for the intro the instrumental is already 100% made its now writing the lyrics to go with the instrumental. As for the ending song we have the lyrics 100% done but the instrumental is only 5% finished. So we still have some work to do with the music but it does not delay anything since we don't have an official release anyways.

    Lets talk Comic Con and Anime/Manga Conventions. Me and Robert plan to show our work at Comic Con and at a Anime/Manga Conventions. The problem is we don't know when we will due to the fact that were not exactly sure when we will have enough content to present. But we will keep you guys updated.

    Is Fallen Destiny going to make its way to TV? Me and Robert are truly trying to get it on TV. We do have contacts with people however we are actually going to schedule a meeting for when the time comes. But either way we look at it being on TV or on the Web we get to still show off our vision to the world. So basically it will either be on TV or it will be a Web Series but either way our vision will be shown and we are happy. But there is a great chance it will get on TV.

    Well that basically sums everything up! Me, Robert, and the whole team want to say thank you! We cant wait for you guys to see our vision. We are working very hard to make it the best as it can be.

    Weekly Updates From Brandon #2:

    Okay I know its been more then a week but personal things came up and I had to take care of those things.

    Anyways lets get started.. Okay we have finished writing Part 9 last night and now we are starting Part 10 by Monday we should be on Part 11 or 12.

    Now as of character designs we are redrawing every character and in many different styles and ways... Basically we want to make the characters look better if possible so we are going to redraw every character at least 10 times and then we will choose from there. As you can see on the cover and profile pictures we have the two main characters but really they are just place holders for right now until we choose but they are on the list so they could be the final design.. Basically we just want to see which drawing would fit the character better and yes its still going to be an anime type of style... Well it is going to be an anime series over all so we cant really change the style or it wouldn't be an anime... XD

    We have storyboard ahead so far into the future it is crazy so we have a lot of ideas and crazy things that will happen in the series in the future...

    Well that is the weekly update and don't worry I brought you all up to date on everything that has happen the past couple of weeks since I could not post the other times due to personal issues as stated above.

    Weekly Updates From Brandon #3:

    I'm sorry guys that we have not posted for the past couple of days... We have been really busy working on Fallen Destiny - 堕ちた運命 and making it the the best as we can.. I took the day off on January 17th.. But we have been working since then.. We have been..

    Now to let you guys know we have been doing a lot of storyboard for the future of Fallen Destiny - 堕ちた運命 we jum
    p ahead so that way we know what paths to take now to lead into those points.. We know what we are doing and what we want to make this perfect for all of us.

    We are starting Part 12 now and we should have that written by tomorrow or Tuesday then we will start on Part 13 right after.

    We have been drawing the characters a lot to see which drawing matches the characters best... I think we will be done with our final characters today or tomorrow..

    As of now we are doing great in progress and we cant wait for you guys to see our vision and join the world of Fallen Destiny - 堕ちた運命

    Previous Weekly Updates! Just in case you did not see them.
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    You don't have to apologize you know. You are providing entertainment for people. :p
    As for the project, I wish you the best of luck and the animations to be smooth and fast(or gradual depending on what pace you want the animation to go). Can't wait to see what content you bring out. =)
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    Looks Great
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    Sounds good mate, hope to watch it soon.
    PS you're animation skills pretty good ;)

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