Hybrid Multiplayer Arcade Game Flop or Not? What do you think?

DellBoy Aug 3, 2012

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    This game has had my attention since the first moment I saw it but as the release date (8th Aug) gets closer my what and need for this game keeps dropping. More and more I look into this game the more and more I'm thinking maybe say my 1200msp what do you think is this something you to have bee looking at or excited for or maybe like me starting to think maybe give it a miss.
    The reason for this is all the reviews I have been looking at reviews explaining more and more about this game and I find that its 3v3 now Spec Ops In my mind has been a flop because of it small game size of 4v4 especially as the maps where massive so I'm hoping that Hybrid is a little more fast paced than Spec Ops was. If not then it just forces people into camping. Now in my view there have been some amazing multiplayer only XBLA games just to name two which have been my all-time favourite Monday Night Combat and of course Gotham City Imposters there are many more but these I really felt where great and if you look at say Gotham City Imposters its fast paced 6v6 and the maps a good size which gives high kills.
    Also with the last few main retail games where the servers are dead like Inversion which I felt was great but the servers are dead I wonder how long it will take for Hybrid's servers to go dead. Hybrid's developers 5th cell are calling this "This best Arcade game of all time" (which I seriously doubt) and today as I though lets have a look to see what the achievements are (big mistake) I find it has one of the worst achievements that you can possibly give any game especially a arcade game called "Top Dog" which asks of you to basiclly get to level 300 yes 300 that's level 50 five times prestige and on you 5th prestige then get to level 50 again they should of called it "Seriously 4.0" I mean this is impossible the servers will be dead buy the time you possibly prestige once and from speaking to a couple of people who took part in the beta said it took 40-50 hours of game-play to prestige. And since the release of these achievements below, people who really wanted it are saying maybe not, people who said they might get it are now saying no way and the rest well there laughing lol. As someone said in the "Top Dog" achievement comments here http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/hybrid/achievement/68817-Top-Dog.html only games like Gears of war can only just get away with achievement like this. And I find it funny when people used to say "I'm not Fuc*ing buying it now with one stupid unattainable achievement" but I agree lol.
    I though I'd just start this tut as I'm on the fence with this one and I thought I'd get the thoughts of many and really had alot to say about this one let me know what you think............
    If you liked my little rant with this thanks + Rep Please

    There are 25 achievements with a total of 400 points.
    Sort: [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Top Dog 50 [​IMG] Reach Rank 50 after going Elite for the 5th time [​IMG] (19) [​IMG] To Victory 40 [​IMG] Win a Season [​IMG] (1) [​IMG] The Next Level 25 [​IMG] Unlock Rank 1 Elite [​IMG] [​IMG] The Long Road 25 [​IMG] Complete a Season [​IMG] [​IMG] Just Taking Orders 20 [​IMG] Complete 50 Missions [​IMG] (1) [​IMG] Ultimate Sacrifice 20 [​IMG] Achieve 3 kills at once inside the King Zone using Core Breach [​IMG] [​IMG] Strafing Run 20 [​IMG] Achieve 3 consecutive kills without landing at a Cover [​IMG] [​IMG] Get ALL the Tiers 20 [​IMG] Reach Tier 5 in all Specializations [​IMG] [​IMG] Pineapple Surprise 20 [​IMG] Achieve 3 kills at once using a single Grenade [​IMG] (1) [​IMG] There Can Be Only One 10 [​IMG] Win a game of Overlord as the Overlord at the end of the Match [​IMG] [​IMG] Fatal Fog 10 [​IMG] Achieve a kill while inside a Smoke-Chaff cloud [​IMG] [​IMG] Clutch 10 [​IMG] Win a round of Tactics after being the only player left on your team [​IMG] [​IMG] Specialist Tier 10 [​IMG] Reach Tier 5 in a single Specialization [​IMG] [​IMG] Snappy Dresser 10 [​IMG] Equip a different helmet for your character [​IMG] [​IMG] Master at Arms 10 [​IMG] Unlock a weapon from each category [​IMG] [​IMG] Collateral Damage 10 [​IMG] Achieve 2 kills with a single shotgun blast [​IMG] [​IMG] Cool Story Bro 10 [​IMG] Get executed by an enemy Preyon while using Taunt [​IMG] (1) [​IMG] Return to Sender 10 [​IMG] Squad Hack a Preyon to kill its original owner [​IMG] [​IMG] Half Way There 10 [​IMG] Reach Rank 25 [​IMG] [​IMG] Rock n’ Roll 10 [​IMG] Achieve 50 total kills with your Stalker [​IMG] [​IMG] Lock n’ Load 10 [​IMG] Achieve 50 total kills with your Warbringer [​IMG] [​IMG] Slice n’ Dice 10 [​IMG] Achieve 50 total kills with your Preyon [​IMG] [​IMG] Mission Accomplished 10 [​IMG] Complete a Mission [​IMG] [​IMG] Power House 10 [​IMG] Achieve 15 kills in a single Match [​IMG] [​IMG] Basic Training 10 [​IMG] Complete the Tutorial [​IMG] (1)

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