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    USA - TN
    Playstation 4
    NA EN-US psn-store

    EU EN-GB psn-store

    US $ cash dollars / EU £ british pounds
    LINK , you could use any conversion site you'd like

    First of all setup a GMAIL account "my recommendation" with a EU address ...

    so how do you get a EU address ? simple ,
    you just google one - haha !

    I choose Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom ,
    on google maps ...

    now go look for a store or shop or places near by , find one and use its address !


    National Library of Scotland
    address : George IV Bridge
    city : EDINBURGH
    county : scotland
    post code : EH1 1EW
    region : united kingdom

    Just simply use your name with a address from EU ,
    while creating a new account ...

    For both a new Email and a new PSN account ,
    you would use the same address ...

    By this time you should have a EU email & psn account setup ...

    Now you would now log into your HOME US console ,
    and don't forget to activate it as primary once logged in !

    You may need a payment method as well ,
    of which I used a wal-mart moneycard account ...

    - being I am in the US and we have wal-mart everywhere - lol

    note : you will have to go about all the payment methods on your own ,
    - of course it is all depending on your preferences & location choices ...

    I can also recommend you could use AMAZON.CO.UK with your current PayPal.

    you should now have a EU account ...
    that you can buy and play with your US accounts on your HOME console !

    - it is all kinda straight forward , so that is pretty much it - enjoy !

    " double trophies , different sales & release dates - all worth it "

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