How to Use: PS4 Share and Record [Troubleshooting guide]

Bullet Dec 27, 2013

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    If you are having some issues with PS4 Share and Record function, then this guide could help you out:

    If you have problems with the PS4 only recording the first 15 minutes of your session and then stops until you restart game:

    Hold down the PS4 power button for around 8 seconds until you get to safe mode and then click on rebuild database.

    How to Use the PS4 Share and Record:

    When you click the share button once it will automatically take a screenshot AND save your last 15 minutes of footage.

    Holding share button down will a screenshot.

    Double taping the share button this will actually delete your unsaved final 15 minutes of footage and create a new video file that will take your new upcoming footages of 15 minutes.

    Game developers have the ability to block gameplay footage from some parts of their games, go to share settings options and enable notification for start and end scenes where the PS4 will not record gameplay.

    If you want to publically share videos via Facebook, make sure that you're Facebook account isnt set to private or the video will be private too.


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