How to upgrade to Freestyledash 3 threw Xbox Neighborhood

sensi420 Sep 23, 2012

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    This tutorial will guide you on how to install the new FSD 3.0
    This tutorial will be based on a XBox with:
    dashlaunch 3.02 installed
    FSD already installed previously.
    Xbox Neighborhood installed (SDK cannot provide link)
    And XBDM.xex plugin installed

    First Step: Download and extract FSD .3.0 with winrar.

    http://www.mediafire...q1rk4e0e2wx9m34 FSD 3.0 winrar

    Install Winrar as normal.

    Double click the Freestyle3Rev58.TeamFSD archive you downloaded and it will open with winrar.
    Inside there we want to highlight the top archive named F3Rev58Release.7z and then Click "Extract to"
    For our guide we will extract to the desktop.


    Next we have to extract the F3Rev58Release archive that was in the original archive. This contains what we need for FSD 3.0 to work on the XBox360 Jtag/RGH/RGloader. Highlight and right click the archive and select "Extract to F3Rev58Release" Now you should have a folder named F3Rev58Release on your desktop. Lets rename that to "Freestsyledash 3.0"

    Next we are going to Boot up our XBOX 360 that is networked so we can transfer it to our HDD.

    Now you can do this 3 ways
    2:XBOX neighborhood transfer
    3:USB Transfer
    This guide we will be using Xbox Neighborhood
    Boot up our XBOX 360 that is networked so we can get started. Now we need the IP address from your XBox360 and then open up Xbox Neighborhood

    Click Add Xbox360

    Click Next

    Enter in your XBox360 IP address
    Click next

    Select yes or no (depends how many Xbox360 you use this is my jtag so i selected no cause my rglaoder is my default)
    Click next


    Click Finish


    Click on your JTag/RGH/Dev icon

    Now select volume HDD:1

    Now this is the root of your Xbox HDD. So now we just drag and drop the Freestyledash 3.0 folder into the Xbox neighborhood window and it will transfer.
    We also want to transfer the launch.ini to the desktop edit. So drag and drop that to your desktop.

    Now we want to open "launch.ini with notepad and we re going to edit the default launch path to our new Freestyledash 3.0 folder default.xex location like so


    Now before we save it and transfer it back to XBOX360
    If not FSD 3 will not boot as default dash, you will get black screen or it will go to retail dash.

    Once you are 110% sure it is correct click "File" then "Save"
    Now drag and drop the launch.ini back to the Xbox neighborhood window.

    Once that is complete reboot your Xbox360 and ENJOY THE NEW FSD 3.0

    Now you could always customize this to whatever FSD 3 folder name you like
    Hdd:\FSD 3\default.xex
    Hdd:\Apps\FSD 3\default.xex

    Our add it to whatever path you want if you like Xexmenu or retail dash as default.

    Default = Hdd:\Apps\Xexmenu\default.xex
    BUT_A =
    BUT_B = Hdd:\Apps\Dashlaunch 3.02\default.xex
    BUT_X = Hdd:\FreeStyle\default.xex
    BUT_Y =
    Start =
    Back =
    LBump =
    RThumb =
    LThumb =

    But the main thing is to make the launch.ini match the actual location on the xbox Hdd
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