How To Stealth Patch [tutorial]

Bullet Sep 18, 2011

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    1. First download this & everything need from here abgx360 1.0.2

    2. install the app run it.

    3. Leave settings as is

    4. Go to open file & select your iso

    5. Next click LAUNCH

    6. Let it do its thing

    7. When its done Make sure it says SS Version 2 (Trusted) if not then PRESS ANY KEY TO EXIT & follow this Manually patch SSv2 files

    8. If the game is verified & its SS Version 2 (Trusted) you will see EXACTLY this for wave 5 & 6 games

    9. Now PRESS ANY KEY TO EXIT & burn your iso

    You can use the modded ABGX which makes the yellow from pic above green

    Extract then copy and paste or drag and drop in your abgx directory folder

    c:/Program Files(x86)/abgx360

    will look like this

    Download link for modded ABGX

    Originally posted for xpgamesaves by JSJA

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