How to Run XeX Menu On a USB Flash Drive

ADDZ Sep 17, 2011

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    [font="tahoma]How to Run xexmenu1.1 on a Flash Drive

    -USB Drive(flash drive or external USD drive)
    -USB Xplorer
    -XEX Menu(Live) Download from Xbins


    Connect your USB drive to your xbox or jtag Go to over to System Settings and then down to memory. A USB drive should appear. Select it and it will ask you if you would like to configure it. Select Configure Now

    Once its configured, remove and plug into a computer. Open up the USB Xplorer and go to file and click Open Device

    Will then show...
    Click on New Folder to create a new folder, name it Content

    Now click on that new Content folder. It will show two periods again. Now, Create another folder, this time called 0000000000000000 Make sure its that many zeros

    Now, click on that folder you just created. It will take you inside the folder and again show you the two periods. Now click on Inject Folder A new window will pop up, find the folder where you saved extracted XeXMenu to and find within the folder the C0DE9999 folder. Have it highlighted and click ok.

    You now have XeXMenu on your Usb flash drive.[/font]

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