How to Run Linux on PS4 (F/W 1.79)

ADDZ Apr 2, 2016

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    How to Run Linux on PS4 (F/W 1.79)
    Release: Fully operational dlclose exploit + Linux for PS4, by kR105
    It has not taken long since the first write-ups by CTurt, and the CCC demo by Team Fail0verflow on having Linux Booting Up on your PlayStation 4 console, but now everyone with 1.76 can fully enjoy it!
    Well the day is finally here, if you been holding onto your PlayStation 4 console at firmware level v1.76 because a few months ago you read about the hacking and exploting being done by people like CTurt and Fail0verflow and others, then you are in luck and its no April Fool's Day joke either, you can now finally easy as 1-2-3 install Linux on your PS4 if its running still v1.76 firmware.
    Stay tuned for simple Quick Tutorial that Senaxx from PlayStationSceneFiles is gonig to write-up for everyone, in the meantime check out the following News Source Links to get you going, and if you still looking for v1.76 PS4 console, there is reports that if you can find an unopened Uncharted Bundle from last year, it will have an old enough firmware on it so that you don't have to worry!

    NEWS SOURCE #1: Release: Fully operational dlclose exploit + Linux for PS4, by kR105 (via) Wololo
    NEWS SOURCE #2: PS4 Linux initramfs.cpio.gz & bzImage (via) PlayStationSceneFiles
    NEWS SOURCE #3: JAILBREAK - PS4 Playground & ELFLDR (via) PlayStationSceneFiles
    - kR105
    - maxconsole
    - PS3Crunch
    - wololo
    - CTurt
    - Fail0verflow
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