how to put DLC onto JTAG

SlimRecoveries Sep 4, 2013

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    1. download your DLC (usually torrents)

    you should have either loads of rar files, or one folder with some weird numbers as titles, then 1 really long file name, thats the DLC.

    if you have loads of rar files, highlight them all and right click, hit "extract here"

    download Horizon modding tool, google it.
    get a USB big enough for the DLC, usually u need a 4gb USB or sumin and configure it to your xbox

    2. open up horizon, and put your USB in.

    3. click and drag the long DLC file into horizon, there will be a green bar in the bottom left of the program, wait till its full.

    4. go to your JTAG, system, storage, USB, move the DLC into your HDD

    5. load up and play!

    note: if it does not show up, you might need to unlock it, get xm360 and look up a tutorial for unlocking DLC

    NOTE 2: if you try to drag the file into horizon, but it has a circle with a line in it, then use USBXTAF GUI V44, make a folder in the "Data partition" with 16 0's "0000000000000000" then inside that put the folder that came with your DLC,

    your folder should be similiar (bu not the same) as this

    inside that there should be this:
    the bottom folder contains DLC, the top one is the title update.

    put the folder similiar to the one in the first picture inside the 16 0's folder

    hope you liked this tutorial, feel free to leave criticism or feedback below

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