How To Prestige Before Reaching Level 80 On MW3

Bullet Dec 22, 2011

  1. Bu

    Bullet Guest

    This tutorial will show you how to prestige before level 80.

    Things you will Need:

    Your rank must be level 55 or over for this to work....(This is the account you want to prestige)

    You need an account with level 80 that is about to prestige

    Ok heres how to do it:

    Sign in to both (LEVEL 55+ AND 80 ) accounts on XBL

    Sign into XBL on MW3 and get a friend to invite you to a game.

    As soon as you join his game lobby goto barracks and then
    prestige mode
    and then wait.

    Get your friend to look for a match.....

    When you get a blurry screen , backout of the game lobby by pressing B

    You will now be in your own lobby

    You now want to prestige , but using the second controller ( this is the level 55 acount)

    Congrats you just prestiged early.....

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