How To Play MP4 Files On PS4 - Tutorial

Bullet Dec 17, 2013

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    As we all know PS4 does not support media files out of the box, however using hfs server and Biteyourplayer you will now be able to stream content from you're PC to you're PS4 via the HTML5 web browser.

    Here's a tutorial and download:

    How To Play MP4 Files On PS4:

    Download the files from the link below and extract all of them. Run "hfs.exe"

    When the server opens, right click the little home icon and click "add files."

    Select "index.html," "player.jpg," and "termini.png."

    Right click the home icon again and click "add folder from disk." Choose the newly extracted "video"
    folder. When it asks, choose real folder instead of virtual.

    Place the .mp4 file you want to play inside the "video" folder and name it "ps4.mp4"

    Back in HFS server right click the video folder and select "add files." Choose "ps4.mp4."

    In the top of NFS server you'll see your IP address. Enter that (eg 192.xxxx/index.html) into the PS4 web browser. It will take a second, but your video will play. There's even a full screen button on the right side of the player!


    Download: BiteYourPlayer


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