How To Modify COD5 Nazi Zombies/10th Prestige.

Bullet Sep 18, 2011

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    1. Download Call Of Duty 5 (Region Free)

    Quote: 2. Download WX360 (WX360 is a program that opens Xbox 360 iso files)

    3. Download Modifications (These are the files you will replace when your ISO is open in WX360)


    Quote: nazi_zombie_prototype.ff

    Quote: 4. Download Instructions (You will need these instructions to know how to use the modifications in game)

    Quote: 5. Once you have downloaded everything, open the ISO in WX360.

    6. Next, you will need to EXTRACT the DEFAULT.XEX. (You will need this later)

    7. Now you need to replace the CODE_POST_GFX.FF with the modified one I provided.

    8. Now you need to replace the NAZI_ZOMBIE_PROTOTYPE.FF with the modified one I provided.

    9. Now you need to replace the DEFAULT.XEX with the one you EXTRACTED earlier!

    10. You can now close WX360 and burn to disc. Please make sure you know how to burn a disc before even reading this tutorial.

    Modifications Included:

    • Special Clan Tags
    • 10th Prestige Mode
    • God Mode
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • Unlimited Sprint
    • All Weapons
    • Low Gravity
    • Super Jump
    • Drop Weapons (Give Other Players Your Guns)
    • Laser Dot Sight
    • Increased Melee Range
    • Increased Revive Range
    • Increase Player Sprint/Running Speed
    • Third Person Mode
    • Increase Game Speed
    • Paintball Mode (Bullets Are Paintballs)
    • Explosive Colt While Down
    • Kick Other Players From Public/Private Games
    • Many More...Download Instructions

    Enjoy! Please +Rep If Downloaded.

    Creator: Filth
    Uploader: Dukheddd
    Instructions By: Dukheddd
    Game Uploaded By: Jeditowlie

    originally posted for xpgamesaves by james.

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