How to Mod X-Blades [Tutorial]

Bullet Sep 16, 2011

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    -How to Mod X-Blades (xbox 360)-

    1.) open your save in HxD (or any hex editor)

    2.) Do a text-string (non unicode) search for "profile" , this is where the your auto-save data is located. (you don't have to do anything here, this is mainly just your auto-save info.) But if you search down a little to where it says "total_kills" , you can change that number to whatever you want. (will help for achievements!)

    3.) Now do a text-string (non unicode) search for "save01" , this is where your save-1 data is located. (There are 2 of these section, be sure to edit both exactly the same or the save will not work.)

    4.) Scroll down and you can see the yes/no entries and the number entries. As you play the game more you'll notice more objects being described. These all can be edited to what you like. Just remember if you add or subtract numbers/letters (bytes) you have to compensate in another area.

    5.) Now do another search (a little further down from previous) for "save01" , and edit it all the same as the section you just did.

    6.) Save file.

    7.) Now rehash file..

    8.) Load save onto memory unit and transfer to xbox.

    9.) Load the game and then load save-1, or the save you just modified (there can be more than one, depending on how many saves you have for the game)

    Rinse and repeat as wanted. By doing this, I got all the monster-kills and soul-collector achievements in a few minutes. Also, you can play through the whole game on easy, then on the final level edit your save to the highest difficulty "3" and then beat the game to get all difficulty achievements. That also saves time and headaches.

    Tutorial by JizzaBeez

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