How to mod Shadow complex unlimited health and side weapon

Bullet Sep 16, 2011

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    ***UPDATE*** Unlimited Side Weapon Tutorial

    Before starting write down your Health Amount, mine is 200.


    Open the save up in HxD, search for 200 in hex (00 C8). After finding "00 C8" in binary i found another location.

    The locations for health are D020 Block023-D023 & F020 Block:F023-F023

    Replace both locations with 999999999 in hex (3B 9A C9 FF).

    Replace D020-D023 with "3B 9A C9 FF"

    Then replace F020-F023 with "3B 9A C9 FF"

    When you go into the game you should get 999.

    When you get hit it doesn't go down, just like if your unstoppable.

    The sad part about this hex, is that u have to re hex the file again after u have saved and shutdown your 360.

    Hopefully this works for ppl. if its unlimited please post.


    Open Shadow Complex Save.

    Locate D020 or search for Health.

    From Block024-D027 type, 03 A1 30 40.

    Locate F020 or search for Health

    From Block:F024-F027 type, 03 A1 30 40.

    From my Completed save these are the Unlimited Codes for All special weapons.
    03 is the Hook so thats always the same, A1 is Rockets, 30 is Foam & 40 is grenades.
    This works for me, i started a new game i only have grenades right now but its unlimited.

    I just relized that i'm level 50 so thats maybe why i have unlimited side ammo. If u want level 50 follow tutorial.

    LEVEL 50

    Write Level Down

    Open Save in HxD

    Search for Level in HEX not decimal

    Locations for Level are D5C0 Block: D5CB-D5CB & F5C0 Block: F5CB-F5CB

    Replace Both Locations with 50 in hex it is "32"


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