How to Mod Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga using 360Revolution [Tutorial with Images]

Rocky Jan 24, 2013

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    What you'll need is below.

    Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga.

    Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga Starter Save.

    Configured USB Device for your XBOX 360.

    Step 1.

    Open up 360Revolution.

    Step 2.

    Open up Game Save Mod Tools and Scroll down to Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga, Then Click to Open.


    Step 3.

    Click on File and Open your Save from the Desktop (Your extracting point).


    Step 4.

    Now you have One Modding Option which is Studs, Enter your required amount.


    Step 5.

    Now save your work and 360Revolution will Auto Rehash and Resign your Save.

    Step 6.

    Inject your Save back on to your USB Device, Load up your Game and Enjoy.
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    Jul 2, 2013
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    Thank you for the tut. Very nice, simple and you introduce how to mod the game easily for non-professional modders. Keep up the good work ;) I just wished that they would add cheat unlocker and character unlocker to the mod tool.

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