How To Mod Breach: [Tutorial]

Bullet Sep 16, 2011

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    How To Mod Breach:

    This tutorial will show you how to mod Breach assuming you already have your profile on your desktop using 360Revolution.

    Open 360Revolution:


    Select the resigner and open your profile by clicking the yellow button ( top left)


    Once you open your profile you will see a tab in the bottom left with all the available mod tools for your profile.


    In this case we will click on Breach.

    Now the Breach editor will pop up:


    Edit your stats how you like and once your happy press the "file" tab

    Then press on "Save" :


    You will now see a message telling you that your file was rehashed and resigned:


    Now put your profile back on your save device using your preferred method..

    Congrats you just modded Breach!
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    Nov 17, 2011
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    dont works for me, corrupts my profile..
    editing and saving my breach-gpd works fine, but my profile is everytime corrupt

    i dont know whats the problem, can somebody help?

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