How to mod amored core 4

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    Ok first of all im sorry I don’t have a cam to post pics on how to do this but any way here we go this is for HEX editing AC4(amored core 4 )
    whats you want 2 dois write down how much money or (credits) you have then save your game and put your hdd 2 you computer open xplorer or whatever you use then find your amored core 4 game save and open that
    then find your gamedatabin00000(or game data0000)then use your calc to convert your (credits) to hex code then drag your (gamedata save)to your desk top and open it in HxD and search for your (credits)
    then replace with FF FF and hit f3 then replace that with FF FF and hit save then rehash and resign and put back on your hdd or mem card and have fun buying all the weapons you want just watch your weight limt I haven’t figured that out (yet) so have a good 1 and happy modding buddies


    Tutorial written by HellsWhtKnight

    Reposted by me

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