how to make your windows 8 pc look like a MAC!

SlimRecoveries Sep 4, 2013

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    simply download this, it will do all the work!

    for other versions of windows, do this

    go to rocket (google it) and download it

    go to google imahes, and type "snow leapord OS X theme" set one of them as your desktop Background

    go to dock settings, and click get skins, i cant tell you exactly where it is, because i have a different one that doesnt hsae dock settings.

    on the website, type in snow leapord, it should come up with loads of stuff, its either the 1st or third one down, just download it, put the folder you get into your rocketdock folder on your program files, go to rocket dock, skins, and move the folder in there.

    go back to dock settings, skins, dropdown box, look for snow leapord, click on it, hit apply, it should work!

    thanks for reading!

    heres my desktop:

    the screen is dark because when i try too use the windows 8 feature on the left where you have search, start etc, it darkens for some reason lol

    hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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