How To Make Your NAT Type Open (Xbox)

Bullet Sep 18, 2011

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    This wont work for everyone but I messed around all yesterday trying to get it to work, and it finally did. So I take no responsibility if this doesn't work. But it should.

    Step 1: Get your Xbox 360's IP address from the system blade and choose network settings. Then edit settings should show your Xbox's IP.

    Step 2: Go into your routers configuration window through Internet Explorer. In the address bar type in your routers IP address. It should be default at or When you're prompted for a password you have found it =P. If you haven't changed it the username and password should both be admin, and admin.

    Step 3: USING DMZ When you enter into your router config window, you need to find the Tab DMZ, it should be under applications and gaming if you are using Linksys. Once you find the DMZ tab, click enable and type in the last digits of your XBOX into the box below. Yes when you do this you are opening all the ports on your Xbox, which is insecure, but show me someone that has hacked into an xbox 360?

    Step 4:Using Port Fowarding After you have enabled DMZ, find the Port Fowarding tab, should be under advanced routing. For the name type in XBL or whatever you want, and for port range put 87 to 89, choose UDP, then your XBOX last digits, and enable. Then do 3073 to 3075 choose TCP, then your XBOX last digits, and enable. Then again do 3073 to 3075 choose UDP, then your XBOX last digits, and enable.

    Step 5:Using UPnP This is just incase. Go into UPnP fowarding and enter in the same stuff you did for Step 4.

    Step 6: Now logout of your router config. Unplug your router and modem from the power, then plug in the router 1st, wait 30 seconds. Then plug in the modem and wait at least 2 minutes. If you don't do these hard restarts it might not work!

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