How to Install a game and change a patch on a JTAG

ADDZ Sep 17, 2011

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    ADDZ Guest

    For all of you who are new to Jtags

    1: open XeXmenu and find the main directory

    2: make a folder called Games

    3: open the folder called games and make a folder called (the game you want to install like cod4)

    4: open that folder and press (Y) copy dvd

    5: wait untill the game is installed

    6: replace the default_mp.xex with the patched one

    7: put the patch from your computer to your usb

    8: plug your usb in JTag and navigate to it and copy the patch (make sure the patch is called patch_mp.ff
    or it will not work)

    9: navigate back to the folder called games then (ex:cod4) and press (A) on the installed games folder and press (Y) paste the patch will paste there

    10: scroll down when in the Ex:cod4 folder
    and press (A) on the default_mp.xex

    11: press (A) on system link or split screen

    12:have fun!!! [​IMG]

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