how to instal the MU drivers for vista

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    Ok, once and for all this is how to install Xploder on Vista.

    This tutorial shows you how to manually install the drivers but if you have a disk it is pretty much the same process. You will need to download these two things first in order to do it manually.

    MU Drivers

    With your memory Unit connected plug in your Xploder USB cable to your PC.
    A box will come up saying that windows has found some new software, click "I do not have a disk show me other options"
    Now click "browse my computer for driver software"
    Click browse and point it to where you downloaded the files to.
    At this point you will have to instruct windows to install the driver. (This is only because it is not digitally signed and Blaze are not a massive company. It is safe so don't worry.)
    This is the point where I believe people mess up! as it starts to install you will notice in the bottom right of your screen a new icon appears. Click it so that you can see what windows is doing.
    You will now see this window.
    Once each step completes it will display another window which you must close for it to continue.
    Repeat the above steps until all 4 of the drivers are installed.
    Once finished you will see this window at that point you can close and you are done!
    When you run xploder for the first time right click it and press run as administrator and then enter your details.
    or for Xplorer360 do the same! (right click and run as admin)

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