How to hex mod any Item in Skyrim

Seand369 Jan 1, 2013

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    1- go to a Barrel in skyrim, make sure it isn't in a house you own! and make sure there is nothing but the stuff
    You are going to add to it.
    2- Add 1000+ Gold to the barrel and an item you do not want. (Take note of the number you put in the Barrel!)
    Note - I will be adding 1005254 gold.
    3- Save and put onto your USB.
    4- Load up Horizon and click on your save and then the setting icon(like me).
    5- Click Content and extract the "savegame.dat", to wherever you want.
    6- Load up Hex Workshop/HxD and drag or click file open, and load up the "savgame.dat".
    7- Now click find/Ctrl+F and click 32Bit stringed long, and make sure "Show all instances and little endian"
    are checked!
    8- Type in the number of gold you placed in the barrel, and search... it should highlight a code(The code should
    be the code for the amount of gold you placed in the barrel.
    note - Before your code it should say "40 00 0F" This is the hex code for Gold.
    Straight after your gold code should be, the code for the item you placed in the Barrel. and If you placed
    1 amount of that item in the barrel it should say 01, or 02, if you placed two.

    9- Find the code for the item you want to place in the Barrel from the website supplied in the description, Say
    you wanted a Daedric Shield, Which has the code on the website: 0001396e all you do is where the third digit
    from the right, replace with a 4. So it would become 0041396e.

    10- Now all you do is enter the code for the item you want where the other item code is.
    11- Go back onto horizon, right click and replace with the file you extracted earlier, rehash and resign and your
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    HxD =

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