How To Get 100K Damage Weapons

Burrows Dec 18, 2011

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    Or add 54 million points of health as well. Some glitches you get make playing easier but this one here is ridiculous. No will ever need a 100,000 damage rating on a sword EVER, but hey if wanna go that way, here's how to do it...

    The glitch invloves creating a Fortify Restoration poition, drinking it which increases your worn enchanted Fortfy Alchemy apparel percentage sky high. You don't even need to have a high level of Alchemy. There's a video below which shows you exactly what to do. BE WARNED, this glitch has apparently been patched

    To Remove An Update

    1. Click the XBOX Guide Button
    2. Go to SETTINGS blade in Xbox 360 dashboard, then SYSTEM SETTINGS.
    3. Scroll to MEMORY and then press the A button. Then select the drive by scrolling (if more than one) and press Y to open DEVICE OPTIONS
    4. Then select CLEAR SYSTEM CACHE
    5. You will be asked if you want to perform maintenance on your hard drive. Choose YES
    6. To reinstall the update, just go back onto Xbox Live and re-insert the game disc.

    The first thing you will need are the ingredients to make the potions. To save time, here's where to find them. The end of the video also shows where to find ingredients. If you have a low alchemy skill, make sure you get enough to make a lot more potions.

    Fortify Restoration Potion

    Abecean Longfin
    Cyrodil Spdetail
    Salt Pile
    Small Antlers
    Small Pearl

    You only need any two of the above and the fish and salt pile can be found in Riften docks in fish barrels or some merchants.

    Foritify Smithing Potion

    Glowing Mushrooms
    Sabre Cat Tooth
    Spriggan Sap

    Again you only need any two of the above. Can be bought at merchants, but I found about 15 Glowing Mushrooms on the exit at Bleak Falls Barrow.

    Fortify Enchanting

    Blue Butterfly Wings
    Hargraven Claw

    Again you only need any two of the above. Can be bought at merchants. I found Blue Butterflies around Solitude and Snowberries around Dawnstar.

    Once you have the ingredients, you will need armour or any apparel that fortifies Alchemy. You don't need to wear four pieces as in the video, but it helps and the percentage does not need to be high. If it is low, it will take longer and a lot more potions. For research purposes (cough) I tried this glitch myself and managed to get a sword to 2790 damage rating in a couple of minutes. I had worn four pieces of a base 15% Fortify Alchemy and the Fortify Smithing potion created was 11510 % strong. Interestingly, the weapon created was worth over a million gold.

    Credit goes to pms00 for the video

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