How To Format Anysize hdd to fat32 (including 3tb+)

Vash The Stampede May 11, 2012

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    hello xpg im here with another tut this time to tell you how to format anysize hdd to fat32

    Okay lets get started install your hdd or usb or usb hdd that you want to format load up disc wizard

    i will be using a small usb 3 gbs once its open choose (Add New Disc)


    once you have click that this page will come up press next there will be a pop up press ok


    once you press that this will pop up

    choose initiaize disc in MBR layout once you are done that the next page will pop up you will see your drive or drives right click the one you want and choose create new partition

    once you are done that a new page will pop up you will see file system choose the one you want (that would be fat32)

    one your done press accept then next the proceed your drive it now formatted to fat32
    (p.s the only reason i didnt show me formatting a 3tb is becuase i have to many pc games on it now to reformat it) (P.s.s after its finish it might ask you to reset your pc and go ahead and do that when you reset the pc/laptop make sure the drive is in the pc/laptop that formatted it then unplug the drive when the pc is fully loaded thats if its a usb hdd or usb )

    can be loacted on bezza's server 2
    files can be located at /PC/DiscWizardSetup-14387/

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