How To Fix PS4 Faulty HDMI

Bullet Nov 16, 2013

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    Many users have been reporting that they having issues with faulty HDMI output on the PS4.
    The problem has now been confirmed by Sony and the reason that the HMDI ports are broken is because of a small metal tab inside of the HDMI port itself is preventing the HDMI cable from fully sitting inside the port.
    A warning to our members that have only just got their PS4 or are about to set it up for the first time:

    Be very careful when pushing in the HDMI cable !

    Check the port first

    Make sure there are no small metal tabs sticking up

    If there is a small piece of metal tab sticking up, you can take something small enough to fit in the port and gently push it back down.

    Remember you do this at your own risk and Xpgamesaves accepts no responsibility if you do this and it goes wrong for you.

    If you do not feel confident enough to push the small metal tab down, then call Sony about getting a replacement console.

    Here is how your HDMI cable should look when placed in the PS4:


    Here is how it will look in a faulty HDMI port on the PS4:


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