How To Fix Battlefield 4 Red Screen Of death

Bullet Oct 30, 2013

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    If you have red screen of death whilst playing Battlefield 4, this guide will help you fix it.


    Some Battlefield 4 gamers are currently experiencing an issue with the game causing red screen of death. The problem seems to be related to AMD cards and Windows 8. The issue is occurring when gamers are switching maps which then causes a crash to desktop, which is often associated with Red Screen of Death.

    How to fix:

    Try rolling your drivers back from the beta drivers to 13.9, also completely uninstall your graphics drivers, and reinstall the most current stable release.

    As EA are aware of the issue they are asking for people affected by the red screen of death to submit some details to them. EA are looking to get computer specifications from affected gamers:

    Information needed:

    Graphics card type
    Operating System Version
    Current Driver Version

    Additionally, EA would like you to post the following:

    1. Open your Start menu and type "view reliability history" into the search box.
    2. Select the most recent bf4.exe failure, denoted by the red circle with the white X in it.
    3. Double-click the related Critical Event under Source.
    4. Choose copy to clipboard on the bottom and post the full information of the reliability history in here.

    Please go here to log your reports.

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