How to download the Destiny Beta now

omegaultimo2 Jul 13, 2014

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    What you’ll need:
    • PS4
    • EU PSN account (steps to create one can be found here. If you’re doing this on PS4, it should be relatively the same).
    How to do it:
    1. After creating your European PSN account, login with it on your PlayStation 4.
    2. Navigate to the PlayStation Store.
    3. Search for Destiny.
    4. Pre-order the game (EU PSN doesn’t charge until release) and it should begin downloading the Beta.
    5. Wait until July 17th to play.
    How to cancel the pre-order:
    1. On your EU PSN account, navigate to the Settings tab.
    2. Go to PSN
    3. Click Account Information
    4. Click Wallet
    5. Go to Transaction History
    6. Click next, then click on your Destiny pre-order and cancel it.
    If you have followed the above steps correctly, you should be ready to go when the Beta goes live on July 17th. Note: you can still play with your main account even though you downloaded the client from a different region.

    Also you obviouly wont be able to play this till the 17th and if your wondering where did the other 12 gb go, check your storage management in settings to see the rest of it download


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