How to Download Region Locked DLCs via VPN (My own Way)

gjjunco May 31, 2012

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    Hello, I have my way. so dont fight me, i did get this in a technician here in our place that really liked xbox.
    so he shared me this.


    Router with Wi-fi connection
    Laptop with Wi-fi Receiver
    or Desktop PC with Wi-fi Receiver
    or Desktop PC with 2 LAN Cards
    Windows XP or Windows 7
    LAN Cable (no need for a cross connect Lan cable)
    XBOX 360 Console
    US XBL Gamertag
    US MS Points - ACTIVE (Optional VPN)
    VPN Free Trial (One of the link will work for sure) Account (Optional)

    For MAC Users Click below courtesy of antikryst ... -your-mac/

    Or you can use this VPN link

    For Mac and Windows users you can use Raptorvpn. This is what im using right now. i can now view/download region lock contents sa XBL. UFC palang nata-try ko ngayon at download ng Games on Demand. I Downloaded SSF4 Arcade edition sa games on demand. I'll try ESPN at hulu+ later heheh.

    To register follow this link:

    Follow this steps to setup your VPN connection on Mac: ... ticle&id=4

    * You need to share your connection from your Mac (macbook, macbook pro, imac) to your xbox 360 via wifi.
    * I haven't tried this on windows but i guess it will also work on windows because they have instructions on how to set up your vpn on windows.

    For Windows Users follow this link for instructions on how to setup your vpn: ... ticle&id=2


    You will create a VPN account then share the internet connection of the Laptop or Desktop PC to the Xbox via LAN cable.

    Instructions are for Windows XP and Windows 7 only. If you have Windows Vista, please figure out on how to simulate the process below.

    1. XP: Go to Contol Panel then click Network Connections then Create a New Network Connection

    W7: Go to Control Panel click Network and Internet click Network and Sharing

    2. XP: At the Network connections, click Connect to the network at my workplace

    W7: At the Network Sharing Connections, click Set up a new connection or network

    3. XP: Click next choose Virtual Private Network Connection (VPN)

    W7: Click Connect to a workplace

    4. XP: Name the connection MAMA DELZ VPN101

    W7: Click Use my Internet Connection (VPN)

    5. XP: Choose do not dial a connection

    W7: Tick below Don't connect now: just set it up so I can connect later

    6. XP: Just click next when asked to input an IP

    W7: Type in Internet address:
    Destination Name: MAMA DELZ VPN101

    7. XP: Click next, choose create the shortcut to your desktop

    W7: Click create, leave everything blank

    8. Create an account here at
    or or

    9. Folllow the instructions but remember to choose a US VPN IP

    10. Once activated you will then use your own Username and Password for the macrovpn access

    11. XP: Then go back to your VPN shortcut; click properties

    W7: At the network connections icon near the clock and time, click MAMA DELZ VPN101 then click connect then properties

    12. At the General Tab, input one of the US IP address provided by
    or or

    13. At the Advanced or Sharing Tab, click Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection

    14. Just below, at the Home Networking connection, click the drop down button then choose Local Area Connection

    15. Press ok then login the Username and Password provided by
    or or
    then press connect

    Note: Your laptop must be connected to your Wi-fi connection.

    16. Plug in your LAN cable to your Laptop’s LAN port then connect it to the Xbox's LAN Port.

    Note: Your Xbox network settings must be set to automatic

    17. Turn on your Xbox then connect to Xbox live.

    18. Once connected, you may now download and queue all the previously Region Locked contents that you want.

    Note: The trial VPN accounts access are only good for a few hours/days. Once it expires you will have to create another vpn account by using a different email address.

    If in case you get blocked by the VPN providers from creating a new account, here's what you need to do...
    Turn off your Router and Internet modem then unplug it for 1 minute then turn it back on. This process should provide you a new IP address. If this fails, you will then have to create another account here at . This program will be able to provide you a different IP address then proceed back from steps 8-18.

    Note 1: Once every DLCs are queued, you can revert back to connecting your Xbox directly to your router for a faster connection and will save you from reaching your macrovpn bandwidth limit. Every DLC will get stuck at 96-99%, do not worry once you see this. All you have to do is connect back to your macrovpn account then connect back your xbox to VPN. This will then download everything to 100%. I think MS is only checking the first and last part of the download process.

    Note 2: Please PM me if there are any errors in the process that I need to change.

    My Gamertag: AssassinG1997. Special thanks to Mr. Roy. :)

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