How to determine your xbox 360 drive type

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    This page is dedicated to information that will help you determine which version DVD drive you have in your Xbox 360 as well as information about each drive. The photos below should assist you in identifying your drive version without opening your Xbox 360 by comparing the DVD drive trays.

    We now have three drives shipping in retail Xbox 360's. Units with a manufacture date of 11/06/06 or newer may contain the new BENQ VAD6038 DVD drive. This drive is rumored to be the quietest of the bunch.

    Samsung TS-H943A Xbox 360 DVD DriveHitachi GDR-3120L Xbox 360 DVD DriveBenq VAD6038 Xbox 360 DVD Drive

    Take notice of the shape of the DVD tray itself. Each have a unique design that makes it a relatively easy task to determine which drive you have without opening your console.


    Please note each drive tray has different shapes, this should be enough to determine your drive type!

    Heres another method though incase you are unsure, remove your faceplate and look through the hole on the front of the dvd drive......

    Circuit board and red wire= Samsung [​IMG]

    Black plastic divot = Hitachi [​IMG]

    White wires and empty space = Benq [​IMG]


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