How to determine your motherboard type.

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    This guide will help you to determine your motherboard type:

    Motherboard model
    Microsoft regularly makes new revisions of the motherboard to fix faults, make it more efficient, and lower the manufacture costs. There are, as of August 2008, four revisions, each has its own codename. Look at the pictures below to determine your board revision. See the full details here.

    The power connector on the back of the console can reveal which motherboard you have by comparing the details shown in the picture below.


    Xenon (launch 2005

    * Launch model
    * Red Ring of Death / heat issues
    * 203 Watt powersupply / 12V rated 16.5A


    Zephyr (early 2008)

    * HDMI output
    * Extended GPU cooler
    * 203 Watt powersupply / 12V rated 16.5A
    * More Zephyr details


    Falcon (late 2007)

    * 65 nm CPU
    * Bigger CPU cooler
    * 175 Watt powersupply / 12V rated 14.2A


    Opus (mid 2008)

    * No HDMI output
    * Replacements for Xenon repairs, 65 nm CPU
    * 175 Watt powersupply / 12V rated 14.2A


    Jasper (late 2008)

    * 65 nm GPU (the true way to idenfify a Jasper is by looking at the chip)
    * 256 MB internal flash memory
    * 150 Watt powersupply / 12V rated 12.1A
    * Limited Edition: Modern Warfare model with 250 GB hard drive


    Jasper Kronos (late 2009)

    * Kronos1 65 nm GPU
    * More Jasper Kronos details

    Velje (mid 2010)

    * Xbox 360 Slim
    * Smaller casing and new motherboard
    * 45 nm GPU/CPU combined chip
    * 133 Watt powersupply / 12V rated 11.1A

    Sourced from wiki.

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