How To Create a US Shipping Address

Bullet Nov 28, 2013

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    This tutorial will show you how to create a US shipping address easily for things such as digital downloads. Very useful if you live in the UK and want to purchase cheap games from US PSN store.


    How To Create a US Shipping Address:

    For this tutorial we will use a company called Borderlinx. There are other services, but this one is proven.

    Create an account on Borderlinx

    Enter your name, email address and password.

    You will receive an activiation email , be sure to check you're junk folder. Activate the account.

    You will now have access to a Borderlinx account with a US address that you'll find under "My Suite Addresses"
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    first of all thank you.
    now, I don't see any "my suite addresses". where can i find it?

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