How To Claim Free Xbox One Games On Xbox 360

Bullet Mar 3, 2015

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    Many gamers could be missing out on Free games from Microsoft if they do not know this top tip! Even if you do not own an Xbox One yet, you could still be claiming the free games every month in preparation for when you do decide to upgrade to Microsoft's Next Gen console.
    Microsoft has now made it possible to claim Xbox One 'Games With Gold' right from an Xbox 360 console, this means you can build up a nice collection of games for when you do decide to upgrade. The best thing about it, the games are all Free!

    This isn't a new thing of course, you could always download the Xbox One Games With Gold without actually owning a next gen console, by simply going to the Xbox website and downloading them. This new method just makes it so much easier, making sure you don't miss out on the free games each month.

    Here's How To Claim Free Xbox One Games On Xbox 360:

    Go to the Games With Gold section on the Xbox 360's dashboard
    Scroll across and select the "Free on Xbox One" option.
    Make the free purchase, and you are done!

    It really is nice and simple now to claim Xbox One free Games With Gold on an Xbox 360, as demonstrated by Major Nelson in this video guide.
    This month you can grab Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite for Xbox 360, as well as IDARB and Rayman Legends for Xbox One.
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