How to Bypass PS3 Firmware 4.60 and Connect to PSN

Bullet Jun 24, 2014

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    With the recent release of Sonys firmware updates for both PS3 (V4.60) and PS4 (1.71) blocking ODE use, and people still wanting to connect to PSN we decided to share bypass methods:

    Download YAB

    1. Extract it, open the folder, and Double click YABStart. It will open and close really quickly. That's what it's supposed to do
    2. Open command prompt(click the start menu on your computer, in the search box type cmd that will show you command prompt, open it)
    3. Type in ipconfig
    4. Write down your ipv4 address
    5. Go to your ps3 go to network settings. Click custom. Set up your wifi with your network and password.
    6. Keep selecting through every menu option until you get to "proxy server" and put in that ipv4 address in the address spot. Put 27 in the port number box. Accept everything and test connection. It should work now. Also, you will not have to do this again, unless you log off your router on your PS3. Or if you go to YAB folder and open the YABKill app.

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