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Chipmonkz Jun 24, 2012

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    I decided to write this guide as I'm doing relatively well on youtube & I thought I would share some tips & tricks to make you successful as well.

    #1 Start a series

    #2 Upload your series on specific days so that your viewers see a schedule & will consistently come back on those days.

    EG every Friday is "Skyrim Tips & Tricks"

    #3 Respond to ALL comments early on.

    #4 Give back to your viewers & expand your subscribers by doing Giveaways.

    #5 Find what series are doing well & try focusing your attention more on what your viewers like. EG If you saw that your Halo series were putting far more numbers than your Skyrim videos, try & put out more Halo content.

    #6 Always be networking. Sign up for every forum you can that relates to your content & make yourself publicly known. Don't just advertise or else they won't pay attention. Build a reputation in the community.

    #7 Have multiple ways for your viewers to contact you. EG Twitter, Facebook, Vyou, & all networking related sites.

    #8 Create anticipation for big videos such as montages & trips that will be released by making spoilers & previews.

    #9 Invest in the best equipment you can find. The youtube community is very picky on who they watch so having great quality in your videos is very beneficial.

    #10 Collaborate with other youtubers to double your audience.

    #11 Attempt to make your videos relatively short. Viewers that see 20-30 minutes a lot of the time won't bother. A video under 2-5 minutes will make them more likely to take a look at it. This also saves a lot of time on your part & allows to you produce far more video content.

    #12 Make controversial videos. This will make people want to comment & check out your video. Videos such as "GTA 5 Leak?" or "GTA 5 Released in October?" will make people curious & click your video.

    #13 Make your thumbnails obvious & to the point as well as controversial. Massive bold text will do as a lot of top youtubers like to do this.

    #14 Always include Subcribe, Like, Comment to remind your viewers.

    #15 Originality will go a long way. Try and find a niche that no one else is doing & see how your viewers react.

    #16 Post video responses on channels with a decent amount of viewers & little responses on their video. Do not post on overly crowded videos as your response will be clouded by others.

    #17 Make sure to tag your videos with relevant information to your video as well as controversial tags as they are more likely to find it.

    #18 If you have popular friends, try & get shoutouts from them as this is important if you want to grow very fast.

    #19 Ask your audience in videos about certain things as this will make them more likely to comment.

    #20 Use Youtube's keyword analytics to see what everyone is searching for. This is important to know as it allows more people to find your videos.

    #21 Use annotations in your video to link them to the next video. This is important as well to keep them occupied on your channel.

    #22 Use Featured Videos to automatically play a video that you want to become popular & become a top search on youtube.

    #23 Look at your competition to see who you are fighting against for the top search on youtube when you title your videos.

    #24 Title your videos based on who you can compete with for the top search for keywords.

    #25 Use your talents to your advantage. If you are good at video games, this will make you stand out.

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