How To Add Patches To Your Games

XPGTomo Sep 22, 2012

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    I'd like to thank Xeon for this tutorial,
    All credit goes to him.

    This is how you change patches when hosting tenth lobbies etc. Patches are named Patch_mp.ff - don't change the name.

    This is using a USB.

    Make sure your USB is formatted with your JTAG/RGH, and make sure you have your patch on your desktop.

    1. Plug your usb into your computer.

    2. copy/cut and paste the patch onto your USB. A useful tip is to put the patch into a folder with the name of the patch, that way you can distinguish what patch is what. You can put the patch into a folder on your computer or you can make one on your jtag - it's up to you although making one on your computer is easier and quicker.

    3. Take out your USB and put it onto your JTAG/RGH and boot up Xex Menu.

    4. Press RB until you come to the devices directory, select USB and go to Patch_mp.ff and press Y - go to copy or cut (doesn't matter) and then press A.

    5. Go back to the device directory and select your HDD. (HDD1)

    6. Go to games &--#62; whatever game the patch is for e.g MW2 &--#62; once you see the game files press Y and select paste and then confirm.

    7. The patch should now be successfully changed and should load when you boot up the game.

    If you have the patch_mp.ff in a folder, you can paste the folder onto your HDD (wherever you want to keep your patches) and then copy and paste the patch as per above.

    To change patch the above proceedure is repeated although obviously with a different patch.

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