How to Add Games To XeX Menu

XPGTomo Sep 22, 2012

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    Before I start i'd like to thank Xeon for this tutorial,
    All Credit goes to him.

    You already should have Xex Menu installed on your Jtag - If not, refer to the guide above.
    Make sure you have enough space on your HDD to copy the game - 6-8 GB (if your looking at this tutorial, you should have )
    If you haven't done so already create a folder on your HDD called "Games" or something similar. In that folder you can create another folder with the name of the game your going to be copying - this is so everythings organised and you know which game files are what.
    For example if you were copying Modern Warfare 2 - you would name the folder MW2 etc.
    When your in the folder of the game you want to copy -
    1. Press Y, Go to Create &--#62; Copy DVD
    2. The Disc tary should eject and text should appear on the screen (ignore it)
    3. Insert the disc in your disc tray & Close manually with your hand
    4. Wait 5 to 10 seconds for the disc to start reading, once you can hear it reading - press confirm.
    5. The game should now start copying to your HDD. (IMPORTANT - Don't let your controller switch off, keep moving the analogue stick every couple of minutes. If your controller switches off, the copying will fail, and you'll have to start the process again.
    6. If everything has been done correctly then your game should have been copied successfully and should be able to play. In the game folder you can press the right analogue stick, which should automatically put you to the games default.xex - press A to boot the game up

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