How do you earn big buck in beast mode?

pdyz Sep 9, 2012

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    Aug 29, 2012
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    I've seen alot of expert player making big bucks in early wave,
    most of time they unlocked last tier of locust around wave 7-9
    and then summon Berzerker to destroy cog,
    and chances to unlock tier 4 monster for noob player like me

    I wondering if anyone of you have some guides or tips to quickly unlock last tier of locust?

    For me, I'll just use Wretches in early wave 1-3 or 4 to get many kills as possible
    since they can jump over barricade
    on wave 4/5 onward,
    if I ever unlock tier 2,
    I'll summon Kantus and spam the healing,
    sometimes it works really well (if you teams is slow... the more you healed the more point you'll get)
    else I'll try wild ticker to destroy those fortification which are left behind
    (yea, not good point, but heck, no COG/Stranded will come to blast my head off)

    and then, even if I unlocked last tier earlier than last wave,
    I'll only use Berzerker on last wave. Try to let other to earn more points,
    since at this moment I already secured the ribbon (something ready for heaviest)
    I don't really care about the points

    How's bout you?

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