Homefront taking hardline against campers

Bullet Mar 15, 2011

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    American freedom fighters can start hitting back at a unified Korea’s occupation forces tomorrow, when Kaos Studios’ patriotically paranoid shooter Homefront is released, but what they won’t be able to do is stay still.

    Though generally frowned upon, waiting for another player to wander into your crosshairs has become a strategic staple in Call of Duty‘s multiplayer modes, but Homefront hopes to discourage camping by giving the enemy team more intel on the more deadly players. Picking up a string of consecutive kills will unlock “character-boosting buffs,” but it will also earn you a star ranking representing your threat level. The more stars you earn, the more intel the enemy will have. There’s a host of deadly weapons available for purchase with Battle Points, which are earned in-match, that are geared toward taking out a high threat target from a distance.

    “What we’ve found is that if there’s a sniper who’s doing pretty well, players will get annoyed by him and want to take him out,” multiplayer level designer Erin Daly told CVG. “So they’ll be able to spend their own Battle Points on, say, a recon drone and mark him or an assault drone to fly over there and try and kill him with. They can even buy an airstrike and specifically target him, because you can guide a missile down right into his position.”
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    hopefully this will be verified by the time I get home so I can start playing this online :)

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