Homefront 2: The Revolution

Nasyr Oct 27, 2014

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    Homefront 2 The Revolution, it's an optimistic yet adventurously destructive game. It seems just from watching the trailer that it is almost along the story line of the movie Red Dawn. I will supply the video trailer below to this amazing game. Okay, so to start it off... This game seems like the country is controlled by military and robotic equipment. The citizens are just there to be told what to do and put through check lines. As far as I can tell, it seems that there was a rebellion and people are to be punished and controlled every step and day of there life to restore balance and a sense of control among people around.

    Starting off the trailer it shows a guy walking with a box walking up to a human check point. As anyone would think, it seems like the man is carrying a suicidal bomb box. When a robotic flying box walks up to him and notices he is unidentifiable. Immediatley he is took down and the box is checked only to find that there are just brochures about America in them. Truly this whole act was just to get his buddy behind the gates to plant a bomb and destroy the checkpoint. Few seconds after he gets back there the bomb goes off and then the trailer hits its climax of action.


    Soon you learn that this whole thing was a plan among all the people there and it was an ambush on the soldiers with a set group of people to attack them. Then all these military trucks and robotics come out to defend off the people ambushing. Only to find a rocket headed right towards there vehicles... None the less this video has for sure got my attention so far. As I collect more information on a future article for this game, I will for sure be telling you a lot more on this game. Hope you enjoyed and hope to see you get this game.
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