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Rocky Nov 16, 2012

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    You might have heard that Agent 47 is back next week, when Hitman: Absolution launches around the globe, bringing the sharp-suited assassin and his cache of killing tools bang up to date. As is tradition, Square Enix and IO Interactive have released a neat launch trailer to coincide with the impending release.

    In it, you'll get to see 47 back in business, doing what he does best and looking suitable badass while he does it. Running someone through the head with a katana blade, throwing a knife into a target's skull or simply using his silverballers to execute fast and efficient kills, 47 clearly doesn't do things by halves.

    Stick your eyeballs on to the launch trailer below, then look forward to getting your mitts on Hitman: Absolution when it releases on November 20th. Meanwhile, Dan is beavering away on our review, which will be going live pretty damn soon.

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