Hitman's Alpha version has been Leaked!

FreddyZVoorhees Jul 5, 2015

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    Square Enix officially unveiled the new Hitman game during E3 2015, however, the details were relatively scarce. We know that the title will be released a similar way to early access games - at first, it will only be available digitally (on December 8, 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) in order to continuously launch new missions, contracts and the like throughout the 2016.

    Today, we have new details to share and some leaked videos of Alpha Hitman that appeared on the web. Some users who participated in a survey related to the Hitman were invited to the Alpha event, and one of those people shared his first impressions (with proof) on Reddit.

    ''You need to have a 360 controller to play it. So far I'm really enjoying it! I find it to be for Blood Money than Absolution so far. It also seems to be quite a pretty exhausting game for the hardware ... 2x gtx 660 (does not support SLI yet). Uniforms play a very important role in this game, at least in this mission.
    Many path options:
    - Front entrance
    - Climbing poles outside the building
    - Climb out a window and jump from one window to another clinging onto a parapet
    - Go through the underground stairs back
    - Garages
    - Scaffolding and more
    Interactive environments (fireworks, fire alarms, tampering objects (breaking / loosening etc) (multiple choices for adulteration and also requires manipulation tools such as screwdriver, pliers) food poisoning, hiding weapons on food boxes and more .
    The loadouts are back (choose your suit, secondary weapon, special (poisons [lethal and non-lethal] / pumps), attachable weapon ...
    Side quests can leave their mission easier; disable small meeting stock exchange, take someone out for the main target has to take its place ....
    The game also has that thing of Absolution it did feel like a very linear game, with only a few paths to reach the end.
    Overall, a very solid game so far! It was enough play this Alpha and added to my list of games this year between Fallout 4 and Deus Ex: MD who are also among my five favorite of all.''

    To stay up to date, of course, some NeoGAF users promptly published some Alpha clips of Hitman. Quality is admittedly low, but they are still useful to have a glimpse of the game - for example, the last in the list below shows the enormous size of the level of Paris.

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