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klofutaric Oct 10, 2012

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    Hi my name is Bostjan, I live in Slowenia and have been a gamer since I was a child. My first comp was Spectrum ^_^. I'm 40 years old and my favourite games are Call of duty, Max payne, snooker. I'm here in the interest of bettering and expanding my knowledge about xbox. I'm relative new guy aorund consoles, xbox 360 is my first and I already have some trouble. So i aks you if you can help me.

    As I say I have xbox slim with 250 GB disc space. How can I play 2 disc games, like Max payne 3. I converted both iso files with iso2god and then copy both files to xbox. I can play 1st half of the game without problem
    (1 st file), but when I tried to play 2nd half of the game which is on the second file then I got message that I must put second DVD in DVD player. What must I do to avoid this and play game from beginning to the end. I have JTAG on my xbox, xbox DVD unit isn't cracked.

    Please help,


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    Welcome to XPG... if you would like support for something then please your question in the appropriate forum.

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