News Here Come The Best Lines Of Trialmaster In Path Of Exile: Ultimatum

Chris Pineson Jul 15, 2021

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    Well, whether you are right now resenting your victories or still reveling in your losses, the Trialmaster had the ideal quips for every kind of occasion. Before we officially say goodbye to the undead entity of Chaos in our 3.15 league, we want to commemorate this amazing expansion by sharing some of our favorite lines from the expansion of Path of Exile: Ultimatum.

    If you are a skilled Path of Exile gamer and lucky enough to claim victory, you probably hear those lines, for example:

    The Very First One Is: "Honestly, it's about time. Congratulations, challenger. Sincerely."
    The Second One Is: "I am being punished, aren't I?"
    The Third One Is: "I hope you have enjoyed your brief string of victories."
    The Fourth One Is: "I should have become a priest of Yaomac instead…"
    The Fifth One Is: "Random chance must dictate you win... occasionally."
    The Sixth One Is: "This time you will finally lose."
    Last but not least, The Seventh One Is: "You've been winning, but can you keep it up?"

    Some Path of Exile challengers that are acquainted with a loss or two might be very familiar with these lines:

    Some Path of Exile challengers that are acquainted with a loss or two might be very familiar with these lines:

    The Very First One Is: "How embarrassing for you."
    The Second One Is: "Now you understand what NOT to do."
    The Third One Is: "Win some... lose most."
    The Fourth One Is: "Yes, come lose a trial. Productive."
    The Fifth One Is: "You know the goal is to succeed, yes?"
    The Sixth One Is: "You never win, yet you keep trying…"
    Last but not least, The Seventh One Is: "Your path to greatness has taken a hard turn toward a cliff."

    However, no matter how well you perform in Path of Exile, some of our favorite Trialmaster lines are about how long you could last.

    The Very First One Is: "How ever will you match that last incredible performance?"
    The Second One Is: "I sincerely hope you intend to last longer than two rounds."
    The Third One Is: "No glory in only making it four rounds."
    The Fourth One Is: "The single-round challenger returns."
    The Fifth One Is: "You only made it six rounds last time. Why do you bother?"

    Anyway, let bygones be bygones, it's about the time that the Trialmaster says goodbye to us, and no matter how much PoE currency you have earned in this amazing Path of Exile: Ultimatum, you have to prepare for the upcoming PoE expansion, right?

    Last but not least, the Trialmaster might return in the future, however, the burn of his iconic one-liners will always stay with us forever.

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