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swordmaster Sep 12, 2010

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    hello can someone please help me i dont get any of this achievement and save stuff but i really want to boost my gamerscore any help :p
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    well you posted in wrong setion please don"t let it happen again

    you ll need transfer cables to move your gamer profile from xbox 2 pc

    and here"s a great program to get u going ;)
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    You can use a usb stick to mod your gamerscore . You will need a resigner to change the ids of the save to match your own, obviuosly your going to need saves resigners can be found in the downloads manager under software or you could press the AIO button and download the XPG Aio that has a resigner. The saves can be found in the downloads section. Try out the gamesaving AIO tool thats in community projects , that has tutorials to get you started. If you would like more help please drop a post in the appropriatte forum.

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