Heads up: new incoming Ninja release for TN-V on Vita 3.01

scunnyemce Jan 26, 2014

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    Despite releasing no less than 4 exploits last month, we’re seeing a growing number of people asking for a new exploit release in order to run Total_Noob’s TN-V on the Vita 3.01. Dev Mathew_Wi on our /talk forums was kind enough to share with me details on an exploited game he is willing to release in order to bring TN-V to even more users.

    That’s right. If somehow you missed the 4 previous announcements, or if you got your Vita for Christmas recently and just found out about the TN-V CFW, or if you lost the previous exploits by mistake, this release is for you.

    Let me get the cat out of the bag and say that this is not the “perfect” release, there are a few issues (in particular, the game is not available in all locales, I strongly advise people to create an account on the US PSN, and if you need to be convinced read here how PSN Games in other locales are 50% more expensive), but it should be considered as the final chance for people who still do not have TN-V and want it (Sony will eventually release a patch in their new firmware, to block TN-V).
    For those who still don’t know, TN-V is basically a PSP Custom Firmware running on your PS Vita. It does give you access to pretty much everything you would find on a PSP running a Custom firmware: plugin support, homebrew support, PSP ISO support, a wide variety of emulators (GBA, SNES, N64, Megadrive, …). The Vita’s OLED screen enhances the experience you could have on a PSP, even when you emulate old school consoles. TN-V does not let you play Vita games backups, this is a Custom Firmware running withing the PSP emulator of the Playstation Vita. Total_Noob even ported the entire PSP XMB inside TN-V, so in essence it is exactly as if you carried both your Vita AND a hacked PSP (but with a much better screen) within the same device.

    TN-V requires to run through an exploit within a PSP game, that must be purchased from the PSN. When Sony are made aware of the name of the game, they remove it from their store within hours, to prevent people from accessing the exploit. For this reason, we are secretly revealing the name of the game to our community. This is why we cannot be precise about the date this will be announced, or the price of the game, or anything that could give more information than is necessary. Just know that this will be happening.
    Sony will probably be releasing a new firmware for the Vita soon. We expect that new firmware to block the kernel exploit behind TN-V, technically blocking TN-V itself. People on firmwares above 3.01 will most likely not be able to run TN-V. Therefore if you are waiting for this exploit, but Sony ends up releasing a new firmware before we announce the exploit, it is strongly recommended that you stay on firmware 3.01. There are ways to access the PSN from a lower firmware, and this is what you might end up having to do in that scenario.
    Stay tuned.
    source www.wololo.net

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