Happy Wars Modding might be entirely possible based upon my discoveries...

Shun91 Jan 24, 2013

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    Everyone seems to think the game save is stored server side, I believe they'd be wrong! I found out the game ID using Horizon, from there, I looked in my profile and found a corresponding .gpd file! The game ID for those of you wondering would be 58410AE9. Anyway, back on my rant, I'm posting this thread hoping for somebody to help me figure out my discoveries. What I found after extracting that .gpd file is that there's a few file packed into it. When I started playing this game before going and doing anything, literally, right after I created a save, I offzipped said gpd file and had 2 files extracted. After playing the game about 4 hours and completing the tuts and doing 2 online matches and spinning for a few items I offzipped the same file and got 43 files extracted! Does that tell you guys anything?! Only thing I'm having trouble with is finding out what all these files are and after you hex edit them if they are something moddable, how you'd repack it and resign it. Anyone who has more knowledge about the game and game saves should help me with this project! Lastly, I did find 1 file that seems to be consistently the same maybe 2 but only 1 I can remember, that would be the 00003ef3.dat file! It was there before and after I started playing. I hope you guys find this useful and can make sense of all this so we can get started on modding this game....

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