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Bullet Apr 24, 2015

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    Happy Wars is now available for free on Xbox One. The next gen version features improved graphics, along with many other improvements thanks to the power of Xbox One which will offer gamers a brand new Happy Wars experience.

    The first thing you will notice about Happy Wars for Xbox One are the upgraded graphics, split-screen gameplay support, and sharing of saved data with the Xbox 360 version.

    "Visually, we think you will be very pleased with the Xbox One-powered high-quality graphics." say the game developers.
    Split-screen play permits up to 4 players to enjoy Happy Wars together on the same Xbox One console. This is ideal for sharing Happy Wars fun with family and friends!

    Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions share the same saved gamesave data which means gamers that mod the Xbox 360 version of Happy Wars will be able to mod the Xbox One version, oh and of course will not need to create new saved data.

    You will need to use the same account, on both consoles in order to play using the same (modded) data on the Xbox One version.
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